Car-owner virus

It's all kicking off in the world, and I've been wondering if there's anything us car enthusiasts can do to lend a hand. Surely there's something we can do to help people other than just washing our cars every day?

Fire up your car's, and do your part to help

Well there is something we can do from our self isolation. We can help those in need, who absolutely have to self isolate. If you know of anyone elderly or vulnerable, offer to do they're shopping for them, offer to pick up prescriptions. If you want to take it to the next step (in UK) the NHS are looking for volunteers, this involves getting shopping (this time for strangers), or helping to deliver urgently needed medial supplies to hospitals or out to doctors offices. This is a chance for us to help our communities, use our cars for the greater good.

Plus I mean, cheap petrol and empty roads are a perk. Let's pull together, and make the new sound of an incoming deliver, a roaring V8 or the delight of a turbo spooling.

To make a difference check on your elderly or vulnerable friends, family or neighbours, and head over to the NHS website (UK) to sign up and volunteer. Today is a good day to make a difference, and show people that car enthusiasts aren't just glorified chav's who set out to fill the night air with pops and bangs.

Find a link to the NHS site here:




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