Car Stories - Olly's 350z

My dream for a 350z started the way many people's did. Sat playing need for speed underground 2, and watching fast and furious tokyo drift back when I was about 9. I grew up with these car's constantly being the cool car, every time I played a game I'd alway's save up and the 350 would be my first good car, well I employed that practice in to real life and saved up, and I finally bought my first good car, my 350z.

I bought my 350 in February 2018, it was a long wait, I put the deposit down etc in the middle of January to pick the car up first of February. Talk about an absolute time hole, every day was spent ticking down the time just focusing on February. The car was a mint, bone stock, low mileage, well looked after (I like to think it counts as low mileage and mint now), well that stock part was going to be changing with me.

My first drive was about 20 miles home from the dealer, mainly down the A14 so not the most exciting drive, but constantly driving looking at the big Z badge in front of me on the wheel with the big gauge cluster and some actually power and noise at my right foot, yeah that was a good drive. To have a car which responded turned in sharply and a car which actually held the road a little was a big change up from any car I had before. First thing I did when I got home was give it a mandatory wash, before giving it a little (legal) blast up the country roads close to my house. But this is when I slowly opened up the internet and found the modification's I wanted...

It may be easiest for me to just give a full mod breakdown list (for now) here:

- K&N Typhoon intake

- Nismo V2 real wing

- 5/16" Motordyne plenum spacer

- Exedey Stage 1 clutch

-Japspeed Decats

-Black 18" Rays

-Carbon wing mirror covers

- Hydrodipped carbon interior

-Mishimoto Fan shroud

-Mishimoto Oil catch can

-Tomei Y pipe

-Tomei Catback

-Uprev Remap (280Wheel horsepower ~ 317hp Crank)

-Seibon Carbon Fibre TS style bonnet

- Ultra racing W brace

-D1 Spec throttle response controller

-Carbon Fibre Slam panel

-Grooved / Dimpled Mtec Brake discs (Not sure if counts as a mod or not)

The car was the first one that I had modified really other than the few little odds and sods on my past few cars. This was my first car to go truly all out on. My final goals for the car is to have it as the kind of thing my 9 year old self would have had on need for speed (maybe a little classier, without the spinners and the roof scoops). I have focused mainly on performance and ensuring the car runs perfectly and am just starting to get to the exterior now.

My honest opinion on the mods is that they do make a difference, but only with the remap, something, I'm kinda stating the obvious there, but after remap the car did feel a little bit more responsive and more powerful thankfully. Each mod added it's own little element but I have to give recognition to the Tomei exhaust system. Anyone who has been in or around my car will tell you, it is f******* loud.

The main parts I have enjoyed about the car other than the actual driving itself, is that it has got me involved in the car community through things such as this VLCTY. I also had the fun of organising a trip with a few fellow z owners up to Scotland to do the north coast 500, I got to meet incredible people and spend a long weekend in an incredible part of the world. Something I would not have done without this car, including nearly crashing it, but that's a story for another day...




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