F1 Team reviews 2019

It's all over, Lewis Hamilton o=is our 6 time world champion, and Mercede's have added another impressive title to their collection. Well done, seriously a fantastic achievement! But lets delve in deeper than just the results table, what team's truly triumphed and what team's left a bit on the table?

The seasons over, but how did the teams do? (Photo Autosport)

Williams - 3/10

Ah William's I am not sure whether to offer a shoulder to cry on or to shout some sense in to them. I give them credit for making it to the track, well done you have to love Williams and you have to appreciate the can do spirit and the pure racing passion the team has. Unfortunately this rating is based purely on track performance, although they started the season with no expectation, there is no hiding that this was William's worst season. 1 point to show all because of a crazy race in Germany. I can't help but feel like if they had a better more experienced driver line up, that they might have scavenged a bit more.

But well done William's you get the participation award, hoping you have a much better 2020!

In short, Williams worst ever season, tragic, hope to see more next year.

Haas - 4/10

What a scattered season, what an odd car, and shall we make a note of the lucrative sponsors? Well the car, in Australia it was looking ok, Kmag got a nice 6th whilst Grosjean got a DNF. Unfortunately from here it just got worse really a nice result in Germany as Haas was one of the teams not to lose out in the chaos. But about the same time is when it became undeniably clear that the Haas car was bizarre, it did well in qualifying but in the race it was a plummeting stone in both drivers hands especially towards the end of the tyres life. It was a funny one and ultimately a season for Haas to put behind them.

What does this hold in the future, well hopefully Haas has a better main sponsor and they need to build a car they can get on top of!

In short ok start, followed by some unscheduled imploding of their understanding of the car, must become more consistent.

Alfa Romeo - 6/10

Another team going in I wanted to do very well, to have a much stronger year than last year. It started off looking excellent, Alfa were constantly in the points, especially with a certain Finnish driver. An unfortunate other side to Giovinnazi as he was constantly trailing often out of the points rather hindered Alfa's lightening start which stopped them using its speed to get an advantage. Unfortunately as the Italian team's season progressed, they however, found themselves regressing, from constantly scoring to suddenly struggling to score. They benefited from Brazil's hectic end to get a 4th and 5th what was the teams standout moment for me this year.

In short great start, kinda faded in to nothingness.

Racing Point - 5/10

Ok I may feel harsh offering a mere 5 but to me they have just been well consistently average, I think almost saved by a wiley Mexican. A stand out end of the season meant that the racing point managed to finish in the points 6 times in a row, its this savage end of season which pushed Racing Point ahead of the Alfa's. Kudos Checo. Maybe best not to mention Stroll, especially in qualifying...

In short a Mexican fiesta but always just in the background

Toro Rosso - 8/10

What a weird season Toro Rossa have had, 3 drivers for a start. And to be fair each driver did fantastically for them! 2 podiums! Incredible! It may have been a slow burner but the moments where the Toro Rosso shone bright, it shone incredibly bright, being one of only two manufacturers with the Honda power unit, its quite clear to see that the Honda might be ready to fight with the big boys.

In short amongst all the uncertainty and politics, on track the car and drivers worked fantastically well together! Great show!

Renault - 5/10

It's another poor result here in my opinion, especially for a team which is fighting its board and shareholders to justify staying in formula 1! A season riddled with highs and lows, they were certainly the middle of the midfield, in my opinion toro rosso maybe desrved their spot on the championship table. Low's include unacceptable no's such as bahrain! A double weird DNF like that, is not good enough, and certainly not good enough for a manufacture hoping to sell more f1 engines, esepcially when their last customer has jumped ship too.

In short, wouldn't have impressed the board, and might also be the end of Danny Ric?

Mclaren - 9/10

Well this was unexpected. To beat their engine supplier, to really show that they are ready to fight at the top, and showing that their driver line up is one for not just the future, but the present. What a season for Woking. Well deserved 4th and firmly have their eyes on the next few steps up the podium. Speaking of which, I cannot fail to mention Carlos, what a season he has had, incredibly consistent, but consistently good highlighted by a podium (sort of) in Brazil, god how I wish he got his moment actually on the podium.

In short, spicy, with milk to cool down.

Red Bull - 8/10

Redbull were a little all over really, I can't help but feel like if Gasly was pulling as a rear gunner as he should have for Max Redbull could have had second in the championship. Unfortunatly they were plagued by the lack of real true drivers in their acadamey, a more than world class driver in Max, but the team lost vital points with Gasly, and even after his demotion (Albon did fantasticly well) the rookie teammate just needed a bit more before he could truly join the fight I felt. But watch out next year, the bulls showed real progress, especially a fiesty dutchman.

In short, finished in about the right place, less politics more racing!

Ferrari - 4/10

Do I have to? It kinda sucks reviewing a team which should have made the season a lot more interesting than it should have.. The fastest car in qualifying, and a good race car, yet the team couldn't get on top of it. Whether it be the drivers, the strategists or the car itself just having weird bogey tracks like Hungary or even Brazil. Weird this season was weird for the Scuderia and I don't know where their going to go from here. Forwards? I don't know. Backwards? Possibly.

In short, had the car to win, or at least taken it to the final race of the season, but fell short, tragically short.

Mercedes - 9/10

What more is there to say, double champions, deservedly. The team was consistent they made hardly any mistakes, the car was good the drivers worked well (well one of them still league ahead of the other). They fell short for one reason, Germany, and that is why they are at a 9 really, although just after the summer break they were also a bit flustered I thought. But after the teams complete public melt down in Germany I felt I had to give them a 9.

In short, champions.

Well what do you think how wrong was I? Let me know leave a comment!



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