Gazoo gone mad!

Toyota's/ Subaru's/ Scions sports car the gt 86, brz, fr-s has been a while and now Toyota are confirming an update!

Toyota have announced and confirmed that the GT86 will be replaced with an updated GR86! Yup the car comes in the summer 2021 with a 252bhp turbo charged petrol engine! Oooo a gt86 with more power? Sign us up! The car will run a 2.4litre flat four that Subaru use in the Ascent in the USA.

Toyota's new GR86 expected in 2021. Bring on the baby Supra!

This heralds in the end of the GT86, a car I think is often under appreciated, it is a fantastic sports car, it has been around since 2012 and although the sports car market is declining Toyota want to push the Gazoo Racing term to embrace Toyota's motorsport programmes.

Toyota seem to be taking the main direction on the chassis side looking to build on the TNGA platform Toyota have been developing. With the powerplant from Subaru this could finally put the GT86 in to the league of not just a sports car, but a true performance car.

And then there's the styling, this car says baby Supra so bad! That isn't necessarily a bad thing it shows Toyota's design intention for the next decade and they are still after that futuristic edge.

We can't wait to see this car unshackled and see if it is as much fun as the old one. Cheers to the future Toyota keep making sports cars, please!!




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