How petrol heads could save the world

Ok so we all know, some of us love it. Some of us hate it. But love or hate it electric cars are here, and they are here to stay. At least for know. So does this mean the end of the petrol head? Are we doomed to become known as voltage brains or amp addicts?

No electrification could save both the world, and our love and thirst for petrol noise and adrenaline.

Even if we ignore the fact that electric cars are becoming fantastic and creating their own vision of the future, I mean look at the Cybertruck. If we just take cars like the Golf GTE or basically electric versions of standard cars, these could become the real heroes.

Is Elon's vision of luxury the only way? (Image: Mike Blake - Reuters)

Hear me out. Currently there are still 30.9 million petrol or diesel cars in the UK. That's 98% (ish) that's a huge amount and if I were to guess about 30 million of these are cars owned by people who don't really care about cars, or are driving old beaters which they have no real love for. This should be the target market for electric cars. Currently this means there are literally millions of people who do not care as they trundle to work drinking all of our petrol and polluting our air. If the everyday driver becomes electric, this will mean that for those of us who love cars especially the petrol etc. That as others are driving electric we have, more petrol available to us earths finite resources can be used to power a Nissan GT-R as opposed to being wasted on a Nissan Micra! This is what could save the petrol heads! Gone are the dreary Fiesta's draining and starving our air, instead replaced with an E-fiesta, or as it should hopefully be called, a Siesta.

This influx of people driving Siesta's instead of Fiesta's means, cleaner air making what comes out of our racey exhausts not even really have an effect. Those of us who are scared of losing our beloved cars, can keep them! And those who really don't care, get a sweet new electric car to play with!

Can petrolheads work with electric instead of against?

I think it become's our duty as petrol heads to do what we can to spread the world, know someone having a midlife crisis with an diesel sports car, tell them to do the right thing, buy a Tesla, someone looking for a new little hatchback recommend electric versions! If we can act as fantastic sale's people, as people turn to us for car advice we can take the right stand and show them that electrification is how to save us all.

I envision a future:

For the many, and the few




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