Is naming your car acceptable?

I mean you might have clicked on this expecting to read the full force of my rant. But you would be wrong. I love the idea of naming your car, who cares if it's cringy or uncool, it can help bring you and your new car together! Not only that it can add an aspect of personality to the car, especially for those who aren't in to cars! I urge you it may take a week or a month, but it's certainly worth naming them! Although I must admit I like to have meanings in the names I give my car's opposed to just calling it "Carly the Corsa" with that in mind let me walk you through my (sometime's shamed) car naming past!

Is it wrong to name our cars? (Image Topgear)

MG tf - Eve

It's not hard to see where this name came from. As my first car I thought I would take some inspiration from a place I do not normally, this was the first experience I had driving a car on her majesties roads, this was genesis to me. With sleek lines and a lovely purr, she didn't really seem like a "Adam" to me, so I decided to christen her as the mother to all car-kind (on my end) and my sweet little first car was known as "Eve". Which is also one of only 2 cars which hasn't met it's end at the scrapyard.

Fiat Punto - Abel

Yup I continued the biblical inspiration, the son of Eve. As when I passed my test insuring Eve became impossible she was sold and replaced with a humble Fiat Punto. After several trips in it I decided it was worthy of the name. At least I thought it was, He quicklyy became the source of an easy, but to be fair, justified nickname of "barely Abel". Yep as in, this Italian piece of metal will not last. The exhaust rattled with 5 people in the car, it really had no guts, but what killed poor Abel was fiats electrical power steering. Why did Fiat use electrical power steering? Fiat. And that is how my Abel met his end at the mercy of the MOT man. RIP Abel #Pray4Abel

Alfa 147 - Carmen

This is kind of only a half truth, the first name I had for it when I first bought her was of course Cain. to continue the tradition and to fulfil it's place as the car that killed Abel. However, over time, it became evident that I didn't want to plague her with an evil name. And I slowly drifted more and more in love with her and decided to name her Carmen. This was after the, urr, this is awkward, it is here I was going to write "Italian opera" but I thought I would research and maybe talk about the opera a bit here, but it turns out, its French. That has kind of annoyingly ruined the segment on one of my favourite cars... So anyway to cut a long story short, she also ended up, dead at the hands of the scrappy. #Pray4Carmen

Renault scenic - Sue

Yup a Renault Scenic, and the first of the cars which name kind of falls in line with that alliteration thing earlier. Sue the Scenic, named after the person I purchased it from, Sue, my friend's mum. Yup it was a literally mum-mobile. Perfect thing for a 22 year old to look cool in. She was fantastic and had lived a long life, I ensured that she had a good send off, I mean inevitably to the scrap, but she had a good last hurrah! #Pray4Sue

Nissan 350z - Neela

My pride and joy, you can probably guess for those of you familiar with fast and furious that Neela has been named after the star girl in fast and furious Tokyo drift, and the girl that the guys are having a testosterone battle for. I think it's fitting and this was urrr, not intentional with that alliteration, she is not Neela the Nissan...

Mazda Mx-5 - Apuu

Ahh Apuu how I miss his lack of power steering and his pop up head lights, what a car. But the name, quite interesting isn't it. Well me and my friend purchased this car together, when we were heading back from with our new buy, I was following him through Cambridgeshire back roads looking at our new little Mazda. I kept on looking at it's licence plate (NXXX PUU) and when we stopped I just told him I had been fixating on one thing. Our baby had to be called, originally I said Apu, but he said it needed the two U's and so Apuu was born. Complete with Halfords lettering his name out and everything.

Honda Civic - Clyde

An old mans name for an old mans car (sorry to all the Clyde's). But is that why I named it? Nope Clyde Morgan was the man to patent the cup holder way back in the 1950's, so why did I name it after him? Well my honest, favourite part of the car, is the cup holder, it 's a fantastic piece of design tucked neatly in the dash it slide's out and behold your beverage rests in it, resting, not on a small bottom lip which moves with it, but a dash storage tray which travels the width of the car. Fantastic. Long live Clyde.

So there you have it, some of my inspirational car name's. So get out there, and name your car's because I promise, its not as lame as you, or everyone else thinks!

PSA: Sorry about the lack of photo's of the earlier cars, I can't seem to find any!



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