Kia at the nurburgring?

Yep Kia is out at the nurburgring shortly after it reopened! But what are they doing there?

Kia have been spotted out in their fastest car!

Well they're out testing the 2021 Kia stinger, that is the face lift version, with a slightly revised aesthetics, it will also become only available with one engine, the flagship 365bhp 3.3l twin turbo V6! The car has been seen in a well, not very fetching camoflauge by spy shots at the nurburgring, most likely we are expecting to see under the disguise, maybe a few sslightly changed body panels, a larger front grille for some bigger air intakes, maybe some kind of new headlight's and revised rear lights.

All this camouflage looks a bit weird does it not?

But when are we going to actually see the car, we think at soem time towards the end of 2020, with sales begining in early 2021, given the imapact the car has on the brands average CO2 emissions, we can also expect to see a hyped up amount of electric or tiny engined Kia's rolling out soon. I don't mind this, but bring on that stinger!




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