Lamborghini enters the hybrid game

The time has come. Lamborghini released teaser images existing Lamborghini owners yesterday (02/09/19) via the Lamborghini owners app, yeah I didn't know you got an app with your new Aventador too. But today we found out about the Italian firms latest entrant to tackle the hybrid super car market.

Dam is it the year 3000?


The Lamborghini Sian follows the classic design philosophy of Lambo, which is "screw you we do what we want" only in Italian. The iconic wedge shape carried through all of Lamborghini's past is present in the Sian. The biggest design points for me are:


The rims are one of the first things that stood out to me, Lamborghini have opted for a sort of yellowy green for the launch colour which looks fantastic but those bronzed rims wrapped in Pirelli's just stood out to me. With a kind of dual 5 star point design made up of thinner

and more Lamborghini shouty wider spokes. It's impressive how much they compliment the colour and aggressive styling

Snazzy rims, low side spoilers, awesome


Ok so I guess the most interesting thing is what lambo are doing with their lights. The front and the back. The front see's these giant sweeping "Y" shaped things which just look straight out of Roswell. I mean seriously imagine driving along a country road at night and you look in the mirrors and just see that shape screaming up to you. Your first thought would be "well no body is going to believe me" before it blasts past you leaving you ogling those 6 huge hexagonal red rears. Those rear lights just compliment the whole rear, where the contrast between the dark diffusers and the bright red halo's split with again that Y shape of painted body work. Lamborghini have continued their reign of the most interesting light shapes.

That booty


It is no shock that Lamborghini have once again opted for the huge gaping intakes scattered across the sharp angles for both performance benefits, but as its Lambo its more likely there to show off to those on benefits. The front see's a huge area between the splitter and the bonnet. Those huge intakes down the side behind the door and above the rear arch combined with the smaller vents running up to the rear wing just look incredible, people will argue that they're for increasing down force or helping cool the brakes. I like to think, they're there to you know, look cool.


Ok so shock, it looks cool, but does it have what it takes to truly compete? The Sian borrows an uprated version of the SVJ's N/A V12 instead of making 759bhp like the SVJ the Sian makes 774bhp. This is then strapped to a 48v motor, which in itself produces an additional 34HP. Which drum roll please, leaves the Sian with a huge 808bhp. Not bad for the firms first dabble in to hybrid technology. Although there are no pure stats we can assume it will be faster than the SVJ's 0-60 time of 2.8s and have a similar if not higher top speed of 217mph. Yeah this car isn't all for show.

The car also implements ERS (energy recovery systems) to help charge its super-capacitor of a battery, this allows the capacitor to offer a little boost over 81mph. That is straight out of either formula 1, a video game or a combination of both. This electric system also benefits the car in gaining traction with better power control. This means that the Sian can really use all of those horses and is reportedly 1.2s faster than the SVJ from 40-75mph. Sounds perfect for a slip road, and the SVJ wasn't exactly slow.

Little cool stuff

As ever with Lamborghini there is some cool little features and different quirks to the car. This includes a small homage to the Countach one of the brands most famous products. This nod is in the shape of the tunnel as can be seen on the roof of the car which Lamborghini is calling the periscope. And that 63 you see on the wing, well that's how many there will be, just 63, so if you can afford one, get your order in now! Oh wait, yeah they've also all completely sold out, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

A relatively tame interior in my opinoin

So overall I think Lamborghini is attempting to rival once again Ferrari, with a challenger to the SF90, the car isn't destined to be the quickest thing on the planet, but it is one of the smartest. Well done Lamborghini, you already have me hoping you put a big wing on it too!




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