Mercedes EQB SUV

It's no secret electrification is coming, today we take a quick look at the latest addition to the Mercedes line up, and their next step to electrification.

So what is the EQB SUV, well it is effectivly an electric GLB, a crossover which is well, slightly bigger than the GLA, and slightly smaller than the GLC. But this one, as earlier said is electric, which makes this the fourth electric Mercedes currently (when released) for sale.

So how to tell this apart, well there's not actually too much "look at me I'm electric" styling going on. Big plus there in my books. It does come with a redesigned super aero efficient front end, because no engine means less cooling means less grilles. The rear of the car is, well still a little bit bulbous for my liking but that's just the style of car it is I guess.

Although no engine / motor has been confirmed it is widely thought that it will be running a very similar powertrain to the EQA, meaning, one electric motor sat on each axle, with one long backbone of a battery pack between the two. If we take a look at the power train expectations off of the EQA, it is roughly estimated that the car will come with a total of 260-280bhp, with approx 368lb ft of torque. Quite a fair bit, more than enough to compensate for the additional weight of such a large vehicle. The elephant in the room, as it always is, is the range, although with his model the target is to achieve 300miles to one full charge, which while a step forward, it isn't exactly Tesla challenging.

So it all sound's kind of promising as Mercedes are heading to the socket instead of the petrol station, but the big test is most likely to be the electrfication of the flagship, the S class and the EQS. Expect to see more on that at its eventual sale in 2022!




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