My story with my 350z

Alike a lot of people, I grew up watching fast and furious, and playing need for speed. Inevitably this left a longing love for "Ridda's on the storm" by Snoop Dogg and one car stood as an icon to me, the 350z. I longed to own one ever since that tokyo multi-story car park and since i first picked up my playstation controller for that opening need for speed underground 2 scene. But, after working hard and finally buying one, how do I find it? Meeting my achievable dream car, they say don't meet your hero's but is it true?

First of many douche-y instagram photos

So I just finished uni after dreaming about a post study treat to myself knowing full well what I was going to do. I ended up opting for a low mileage DE engined Z. I purchased it admitidly for more money than it was worth, because it was in mint condition and just took my heart. But is it everything I thought and wanted?

Well first impression's to be honest, is that it was a little bit slower than I was hoping for. Although I was aware it isn't the fastest car in the world I still expected a little bit more. And sure it has the accompanying brrrrrap of that V6 engine what kind of distracts you from the fact it wasn't that quick I was still finding myself underwhelmed. The initial acceleration phases it struggles for grips and then once it has gripped its ready to change gear, I have to admit that the 3rd gear feels quite quick and the higher end it seems to want to keep going but its that initial boof which I was expecting more of, although this also does bring about best part about the car.

Fat wing check, black rims check still a long way to go

It is fun. Fullstop. For my first RWD car it carried such a legendary drifting status, of which it held up to. I never drove with the traction control off at first because I knew the car could bite especially in the lower gears where it can access its torque so easily. The car still bites, it could still easily beef past the traction control off of round about's and as I slowly got used to it I found myself comfortable to turn it off. I know drive with the VDC fuse pulled, so no ABS no traction etc. It is fantastic, what is truly impressive isn't how easily the car will kick out its how well the car will hold itself you can truly enter a controlled slide. This totally lived up to my expectation, in reality I was a chav, but in my head I was a drift king, kicking the back out round roundabouts like a scallywag.

The car has let me meet some great people and see some great parts of the world

Not only this, although it is quite a heavy sports car it still can handle and grip perfectly through higher speed corners and can control itself when you're not trying to be a prat. It may have a slight bit more body roll than I would like at times but overall this isn't much to pay for the way it turns in and how the front end grips up and is accompanied by the fat grippy rears to pirouette itself around any corner tight or high speed.

The car in traffic too, as a daily, was honestly fine. Not one problem, easily manageable and also surprisingly easy to park at least until I stuck a big wing on the back. It was relatively tame not too shouty unless I wanted it to and it also felt great to see the reflection in windows. What it also meant was that my journey had begun in to delving in to the modifying scene.

Slowly been progressing through my mods more has gone on since this photo!

Overall, has my JDM hero that I looked up to met my targets. Yes not just because of the car which is phenomenal in my bias opinion but because of the people I have spoken to because of it. It has introduced me to the car community and made me want to learn more and talk more, and I guess contributed to starting up VLCTY! So cheers to many more years, long life the Z and to someone close to their dream car, keep going it will be worth it!


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