Mystery Lambo

It's now official, on the 07.05.20 Lamborghini confirmed that they plan on releasing a brand new car to their line up. One which they say will "complete the lineup". But what does this mean, well, let's fire off some idea's as to what this car may be. We know the line up includes the Huracan, Aventador and the Urus, so what's missing?

1. Saloon / grand tourer

Ok my first punt, and the one I think may be most likely. Some kind of super saloon, something somewhat similar to the Alfa Giulia GTA but with that extra Lambo flair. This would be a kind of cash grab from Lamborghini because lets face it, if they make a saloon car for say £80,000 people will lap that up for the name alone. This does seem to me like what is missing most from Lamborghini's lineup and the most likely for them to get in to.

Remember back in 2008 we got a glimpse of a Lamborghini Estoque. Well its been over 12 years, and it is still just a concept, perhaps Lamborghini have been playing with it tweaking it, at the

time the car didn't really have a market but now the market has emerged.

Do I hope this is what they are doing? Well kind of, if the car is just like the Estoque, I think it looked excellent had a big shouty V10, it was kind of the dream, a daily Lamborghini, at least on paper. However, I do worry if it will to an extent tarnish the brand image a little bit, to me Lamborghini's are

supposed to be totally unobtainable, they are a dream, a target and to get one is of course a huge achievement. My concern is that in releasing this it will tarnish the exclusivity of the brand, those who have bought in to an Aventador etc may feel slightly scarpered, I think it can risk Lamborghini's image as a super car manufacturer, (which the Urus already did a little bit) to just a performance car manufacturer. But what hey, I guess it keeps those rappers happy to have a more affordable way to put a lambo in their soundcloud rap video's.

2. Hypercar

This one I kind of hope is true. Lamborghini currently have the Huracan for the lower tier super car, and the Aventador for the higher tier supercar. But where is the balls to the walls hypercar? sure you can argue the Aventador SVJ, but that's just an Aventador in brand new run faster trainers. I think we may have got a sneak peak with the Sian that Lambo may be looking to get in to the market once dominated by the P1, Laferrari and 918.

So a car purely built with the hybrid power train to be the next step up sound's very promising, and for lambo to go for the "I'm the quickest" tagline sounds great. But, and it's a big but, we all know that currently in the works are the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Mercedes Project 1. These car's mean that if Lambo reach the number 1 spot, I don' t think the car will be anywhere near the same level as those two, meaning, Lambo's I'm the fastest title would be short lived.

Overall I think this is a possibility, some kind of development of the Sian to fill the hypercar market. I hope this is true overall because I feel the Lamborghini brand certainly needs a new poster car, the Aventador is getting a bit stale now, and they can add as many letters to the end of the name and big spoilers as they want, I think a refresh is needed.

3. Hatchback

Yeah, I don't think this is the one. But it's fun to dream, imagine it a small little diddy lambo. With some kind of V6 to make it a hot hatch. 4WD, a lot of power, Lambo styling, come on it would sell. A big yes from me, big performance, big name's big money, can take the current title of the hot hatch's away from the Germans.

But this is Lamborghini, will they ever make a car worth less than £50,000, nope, will they ever make a car with something smaller than a V8, I doubt it. Will they ever make a car which will need some kind of mass production on a new scale to them, I doubt it. This is but a distant pipe dream, but what hey, at least we won't get another Cygnet.

4. Electric car

Yup one even less likely than the hatchback. An all electric Lambo, the V12's are gone, and replaced with a nice 4WD electric system much like the Rimac. Well it'll still be fast, fast as hell. It'll still have that Lambo futuristic style with perhaps more availability for designers, not as many cooling vents etc needed. But, is it very brand embracing, nope, will Lambo do it, well, not yet. The time will come I am sure that we will see an all electric Lambo but not yet, I think they'll be waiting for they're big dad at Audi to perfect electric first.

So that's my thoughts on this release on thursday, a nice grand tourer, evolution of the Estoque, or a new fancy hypercar. But what hey, if it did turn out to be a hatch, would I be disappointed, a little, an electric car? Well I'd actually be impressed.

We certainly can't wait to find out how wrong we are!




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