New year New cars

Happy 2020 everyone! First and foremost!

But what does this new year mean for us petrol heads, well you will notice a bit of a trend here in seeing that we may no longer be petrol heads, the future for us may be re-branding ourselves as "Volt brains". Here is my top car picks we expect to see in 2020!

Aston DBX

This is an early one, we expect to see it pretty soon in to 2020, I'm sure you've already seen the spy shots of it! The DBX marks Aston's first venture in to the luxury compact SUV crossover genre (That new genre everyone seems to be cashing in on) while, I may not honestly be a fan. What it means is, well this car will sell like hot cakes, with the new cash from this model Aston may be able to throw more cash at it's sports cars, and I think that's what we all want to see!

I don't like the cross over 4x4's etc, but as they all go this one looks incredible! Photo courtesy of Car Magazine

Powered by a 4.0L V8 from AMG this car produces 543bhp, this is enough to push this Goliath among Kensington from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. Not bad for 2.25 tonnes of metal (Weight doesn't include the prawn cocktails the owner just ate). What's also impressive is a sub 8 minute Nurburgring time and a rather impressive 2.7 tonne towing limit, given by the torque of that AMG with 516 lb-ft. Whether any of those stats are to be tested by your average user (I doubt) the car is still a core piece of where Aston will be at the end of the decade!

Maserati Alfieri

It's finally time, Maserati is bringing in a replacement to the Granturismo a car I personally loved and I'm not alone. We will see the car in March at Geneva with hopefully a 2020 release date. The details on the car are limited, but by the spy shots and renderings, and knowing what Maserati can do, it's going to be a magic formula. Most likely rivalling the Aston DB11. There will also be a an electric version produced too. The big flagship we aren't sure what to expect in terms of power, Ferrari as of 2022 are not providing Maserati with their V6 and V8's so maybe Maserati will be making their own, or who knows maybe going to a popular German alternative?

Yeah, this is the concept car, holy crap look at it! Photo courtesy Marc Urbano the manufacturer.

Aston Valkyrie & Mercedes AMG One

To me this is the big one, this is the concorde moment, and very probably the last celebration of the internal combustion engine on road cars. I have included this as I do not believe any of the customer cars have been finished despite the 2019 expected end time, this means we expect it sometime this year. I could raffle off the standard spec's which we all know. Or I could explain why this car (along with its rival) will become the car of not only the year, the decade, but I think these cars will become the best cars ever made.

And what a way to shape it up a proper rivalry, Mercedes vs Redbull, Cosworth vs AMG, the British vs the Germans locked down in pure engineering warfare. What will be quicker? What will be the true poster car for generations? What will the children in the playground at school be arguing about? The answer, is these two cars.

Tesla Roadster

The look in to the future Elon's future, the electric dream. This car sets out to prove electric is just as good as petrol in terms of performance. This car, if it is a success will be the guarantor that electric power is the way, it is claimed 0-60 in 1.9s a 250+mph top speed and a 620 mile range. Yup if that all happens then the end of this decade I think we will all be electric, and lets face it we should all be on board!

If this is how electric looks, I'm game. Photo courtesy of Tesla

So there's a few cars I'm looking forward to! There will no doubt be more announced released, things I forgot! What one are you looking forward to most? What have I missed? Let me know!




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