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You may have already seen this, you may have not, but for those unaware, let me just say that this will make you proud to be a petrol head. As we are all aware the current covid-19 pandemic is a global horrific situation, one which is seeing healthcare systems stressed, people locked inside and terrible loss of life. One result of this is that medical supplies which are used to fight the virus are running low, most specifically one of the best weapons we have is respirators.

Project Pitlane gives the green light

Let's hope that you don't really know what a respirator is because, it isn't a pretty device. In effect the device goes down your throat and allows respiration to occur through filtered pure air, this gives those fighting respiratory problems a massive help in just getting the air they need. So we know these complex devices are running low, and a lot of the manufacturing industry is shut down at the moment. So what have 7 UK based F1 team's done? Well they've stepped up.

These teams are working together, to use they're massive capability to design, manufacture and assemble, as many respirators as possible, this involves reverse engineering the existing parts to make them more mass manufacturable. Although there is no final value for the amount of products which will be produced, from the machining power of 7 teams combined, this will be a huge amount of extra respirators injected in to the system.

This is formula 1, saving lives.

The UK teams involved are:

- Redbull


- Racing point

- Haas

- Mclaren

- Renault

- Williams




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