Redbull go mad in the Netherlands

The only way you don't know about the recent year's growth of formula one in Holland is because you have been under a rock. Well this rise was due to a young man named Max Verstappen, Redbull's young hot shot. And what else to do with the weekend that the Dutch GP isn't happening? Well cause ummock in his home country!

Redbull took both Alex Albon and Max Verstappen for another classic publicity run through Holland and left us with this rather epic video, sure to give us a little bit of our F1 fix!

Max's job was to show Alex Albon around his home country a little in a rather quick guided tour in 2 redbull F1 cars. The pair start of in Rotterdam, in the famous ports as the speed through bast dykes windmills a glazed either side. They of course tear through the Dutch famous tulip greenhouses creating a huge blur of colour as they blast by.

The blazew throug the centre of the Hague and get to do something we would all love to, doing donuts outside a palace, the Royal Noordeinde Palace to be precise. But this being redbull, they weren't alone as they herald down the sands of Scheveningen beach motocross hero Jeffrey Herling's arrives with his KTM motorcross bike, pulling stunts with the F1 guys and even jumping over them! Yeah you should really watch the video!

The end goal was to arrive at Zandvoort for the 2020 Grand prix, although the pair got to drive the track in the film, it is truly gutting that we aren't there racing yet. I for one cannot wait to see Max mania in his homeland!




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