Sebastian Vettel & Ferrari Part Ways

It's bizarre even with no racing silly season still delivers.

Is the dream over? Yes it is, but where to next?

It has been announced today that 4 x world champion Sebastian Vettel will not be racing for Ferrari after 2020. Wow I didn't see that coming, well I maybe had a hunch. Seb has endured a total of 6 years at the scuderia, with a total of 14 race win's for Ferrari, 12 Pole's, but sadly 0 world championships.

Vettel and Ferrari have been engaged in contract talks, unfortunately the two broke down without a mutual agreement. Vettel said there was "no longer a common desire" to work together. It is claimed that a financial decision has had no part in this outcome.

What is the team to do now? Who step's in

But what's next? Well Vettel seem's to be hinting at retirement saying it is "time to think about what is important" this classic line is usually the telling of someone about to say "family is more important than my racing, I quit" a fair comment. I for one will be sad if this is the case, sure his recent Ferrari form has really nosedived and as has his reputation, I for one would love to see him go to Mercedes, but I feel the 6 time champion might have a few thing's to say about that, but what hey time will tell.

But what for Ferrari, well I can think of 2 drivers' who will certainly be chomping at the bit, as well as one wildcard. The first of these is Carlos Sainz, the Spaniard has proven his worth at Mclaren, something we already knew from his Toro Rosso days, but now he's shown he can manage pressure from a top team. I'm sure Ferrari's last Spanish driver left on good terms...

Could it be the Spaniard?

But the one I think it will be Daniel Ricciardo, the Renault hotshot the Redbull missed opportunity. He's ready, and it appears to me that Renault have simply not done enough to keep the ozzy. And then the red racing suit become's available, surely, he will be tempted, if he wants a shot at a championship, as it stands he needs this move, or to replace a Finn at Mercedes...

Could everyone's favourite Smiley boi be in?

And the wildcard ok, I don't think this has a hope. But last year we saw the final race of one Nico Hulkenburg. Yep I went there he has previously been linked with Ferrari although it never materialised. Would Ferrari reopen the door to him, surely at Ferrari there is no excuse for him not to get that elusive podium?

Can Ferrari re open the door to Nico Hulkenberg?

So that's it the Seb Ferrari dream is over, we hope that both sides come out of this looking to the future and look to be the best they can be. Seriously I hope Seb stays in F1, but unless Mercedes approach him I don't see this happening. But it's now official, silly season has started! Even in the weirdest of times!




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