Tesla vs Porsche

Elon Musk in all of his wisdom and bizzareness is trying out one of Tesla's hardest, lets face it, publicity stunts yet. The release of the Porsche Taycan and it's blistering new nurburgring record of 7:42, pushed Elon even further in to a pit of invention based rage. He addressed Porsche's new record via a tweet, simply saying "model s on nurburgring next week". Well guess what it has been a week.

Can the Taycan really be beat? Photo Copyright - Porsche

So what happened? Well early reports (Still waiting on a formal confirmation from well somewhere) are saying that the model S was timed (by hand) at 7minutes 22 seconds. A full 20 seconds faster than the Porsche, this was done with plaid mode. A kind of even more jumped up version. Notable change's to the Tesla was the little rear ducktail wing, larger fenders and most notably an actual grill! Yes a functioning grill on an electric car! Have to admit the car kind of suits it, but this wasn't added just for nostalgic aesthetic's but to help increase the cooling of the large batteries during a run to ensure maximum efficiency. So your car "doesn't" need it but, I mean it looks cool and hopefully we will see this roll out next year or so.

I mean, the fender flares and those rims. I didn't know Tesla's were in need for speedCopyright - KGP Photography

Another factor in the Tesla's rumored lap time is the driver, it is known that Nico Rosberg (2016 F1 World champion) was at least having twitter discussions with Elon about doing it. And when someone stopped him at the Frankfurt motorshow a few days before the run, he did mention that he was talking about doing a run in the Tesla. My suspicion with, Elon's approach on marketing and a youtube influencer who just happens to be an F1 champ, yeah he did it must have been Nico.

See that little transparent ducktail wing? Photo Copyright Carpix

So now we get another little insight in to the future showing that here, a 5 door, electric saloon car, just posted the same rough time as a Ferrari Enzo, or a Pagani Zonda Clubsport. Let alone its electric rival the Taycan, (which Elon is saying that the Tesla will be cheaper than) it looks like the future truly is green.




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