Toyota's super hot hatch

The new Toyota Yaris GR is set to go on sale in the UK, a 257bhp Yaris... sound's interesting!

Toyota seem to be pushing the Gazoo racing branch of its operations with the new GR 86 and now this the Toyota GR Yaris. The car will have a strong 4WD system, a 257bhp, 265 lb ft of torque all coming from a 1.6l 3 cylinder turbo engine. Sound's juicy! Now that is a lot of power from a tiny little engine like that! And with the 3 cylinder layout it is sure to have a different sound than we are used to!

So what styling upgrades do you get for your fancy Yaris, well it has been blessed with an all new body, laced with carbonfibre polymers for that super lightweight feel. The roof line sits lower, only a 3 door variant is going to be offered, as well as of course new gills and aero tweaks. I think it looks quite nice, although it look's a little bit too big for its wheel's in my opinion...

What doe's this all mean for performance, well the car weighs only 1280kg, and with that much power and 4WD, I would speculate it to have a 0-60 time of somewhere near 5.3s-5.5s and a top speed of a limited 155mph. This power is delivered through a 6 speed manual gearbox via a multi plate clutch allowing for each wheel to have independent power, this means it will be dam good in the corners. And on top of that the car will be sat on 4 pot calipers, with nice grooved front disc brakes at 356mm diameter, this thing will stop, and then go again when you're ready for it.

So the downside, well, the name is still a little bit embarrassing really isn't it, it won't have the same impact saying you drive a fast Yaris in the pub as saying you have a GTI, and what's more is that this car starts at £29,995, or you can get the "hardcore circuit pack" car for a huge £33,495. For this in the hardcore pack you get a couple of limited slip diffs, some fancy paint on your brake calipers (red only) some fancier tuned suspension to make your ride extra discomfort I imagine, and a fresh set of Michelin Pilot tyres. Sure that's a lot, but £33,495 is a lot of money!

Overall this is an interesting car and I can't wait to see just how quick it is, can it take the fight to the golf r, the Hyundai I30N the type r? Well I'm not convinced to be honest, but let's face it, god I want a go in one! Let us know would you be tempted by this rocket or head elsewhere?




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