What are we doing here?

So if you're reading this, odds are you're either a co-founder of VLCTY or completely lost. Well if its the later then that's what we are here to help you with! In this blog I am going to lay out a little bit about what we want to offer people here as we begin, what is honestly, a learning curve for us. We want to provide a place for petrol heads and anyone curious a place to hang out virtually, with regularly content provided across multiple platforms with multiple different types looking at all things across the car / motorbike world.

Social Media

We will of course be active across social media! Twitter, instagram, facebook you name it we're there, although we want to become effectively our own social media with our forums! We will be interactive across all of our platforms and talk to you, introduce changes to our operations and of course offer different fun and quirky competitions! Please do check us out!


We at VLCTY will be providing bi-weekly podcasts which will be available from your standard podcast providing places (you know the one's) We expect these early May to start being rolled out. We like to think we have enough vibrance to provide you with some entertainment in your ear for your daily life. Here we will break down car news, run through different segment idea's give you great insight in to us as a brand, and as individuals.

In addition to the standard podcasts each episode will be recorded and uploaded to our website as well as other popular video sharing sites.


Daily blogs such as this will become a prominent feature of the VLCTY brand, here we will breakdown important car news, keep you up to date with any projects we have, and just share any interesting thoughts and is a chance for us to highlight things which we think, may go a miss.

The blogs will be put together by multiple creators, and will also be open to our community if you fancy yourself as an aspiring motoring journalist why not upload a review of your car to VLCTY! It can be a great chance to be noticed and to share a passion like what we are doing! Who know's maybe you can become a VLCTY officially featured user!

Online videos

We will be offering online motoring based video's, these will be ranging, from entertainment driven videos, to factually interesting, as well as any tutorials we can provide a long the way!

Online competitions


You may have noticed our quiz available on our website, this quiz will be updated weekly, but that's not all, for completing our quiz, (with 100%) you will be entered in to our weekly prize draw to win a nice discount and even some freebies from our online store! Quiz topics will change but will always be of course, motoring based!

Photo competition

Our photo competitions are running, with 2 running per week! It couldn't be easier to enter! Either fill in and upload your photo on our online form, or email us your picture! If you impress our judge's with relation to the specific topic you will get a discount on our store, a feature in our hall of fame, as well as a feature across our social media platforms!

Online featured creators

We think everyone will shine and we aim to give everyone chance to! Each week we contact 3 creators to feature them on our website! We select the creators who have entertained us, taught us something, people who we think deserve a mention and more recognition!

So keep an eye out, we're always perusing looking for creators!

VLCTY Events

We will be hosting event's! Yes that's right! Often this will be free car meets open to the public, we are looking to get approval from local authorities and build up a true community. We will be looking in to get regularly meetings happening across the country (initially UK) as well as in future hopefully organising car rallies and road trips!

Online store

Our store is going to offer the very best products we can find. This will include our own merch and original pieces as well as existing piece's from existing reputable brands. We will be looking at products for your car's / bike's as well as products to embrace the VLCTY lifestyle!

We will also be putting offers on weekly different products across our store, and don't forget by entering our competitions and keeping an eye on our social media channels we will be offering lots of discounts and opportunities!


So that's the run down! This is all a learning curve for us and we have high goals! We look to be there as soon as we can! We thank you for having a look and hope you give us the chance!




Done working on your car? Find the perfect place to relax and learn. Follow our social links to see what we've been up to!

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