We are currently looking for verified users!

So what does that entail? Well as a verified user we look at you as part of our team. You will be able to post on VLCTY with verified official blogs, you will be able to construct a profile to tell our community about yourself on our verified page (here). 


You will be able to have an input and say on how the VLCTY community is run as well as the opportunities to contribute to and star in our social pages and adventures! Whether this be a part of an online mini series or just a BBQ for our verified members. 


We want verified users to become the beating heart of the commuunity, what we are offering is a step up above a traditional ambassador programe as we want you to actually own a slice of VLCTY.


Verified members will also be offered heavy store discounts as well as discount codes to share umongst, well whoever they want! And of course, there is some financial gain for you hustlers!


To apply just get in touch, let us know why you want to be a member, how you got in to cars or bikes and anything you think we might want to know! There will be limited spots! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to tie them in to your email!


Please email us at: 


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Company number: 12688599

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